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Heating Your Sure-Pak Meal

Sure-Pak Meals are fully prepared and can be eaten cold or hot. If you prefer a hot meal, you have several heating options. You may purchase optional flameless, self-heaters with your Sure-Pak 12 Meals that use a safe, all natural chemical reaction of food grade iron, magnesium, salt, and water to heat the food to 100º Fahrenheit in about 10 minutes while still in the pouch.

To heat your Sure-Pak 12 entrée, you will need a heater sleeve, the entrée in its pouch package and water. Note: No special water is required! Tap water, bottled water, well water, or even water from a natural source can be used.

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  1. Assemble all items: Entrée pouch, heater pouch and water.

  2. Remove entrée pouch from its carton (if in a carton).

  3. Tear off the top of the heater pouch and place the unopened entrée pouch into the heater pouch.

  4. Pour water into the heater pouch until half full. Any water will work.

  5. Fold the top of the heater pouch to the side opposite of the heater. Place the heater pouch in the meal carton or an envelope, with the folded end inserted first.

  6. Place the carton on an incline so water does not leak out.

  7. After 10 to 12 minutes, remove the heater pouch from the carton. Remove the entrée pouch from the heater sleeve.

  8. Open the entrée pouch. Be careful as the contents are hot. Now, enjoy!

Sure-Pak 12 flameless self-heaters use natural materials and are environmentally safe. Use in a well ventilated area on a heat-safe surface. Please dispose of used heating pouches as you would other used packaging.

Sure-Pak 12 flameless self-heaters are not recommended for children or elderly as there is a risk of injury due to high heat.